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Centering Prayer - 5:30-6:00pm
Every Monday Evening Sanctuary

Habitat for Heroes is an outreach initiative seeking to assist, engage, mobilize and educate military members and veterans about our programs and services.

We invite the veterans community to join us in building hope, lives and communities.

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TUESDAY, June 30 Acts 8:13 Even Simon himself believed. After being baptized, he stayed constantly with Philip and was amazed when he saw the signs and great miracles that took place.The Simon of this passage is Simon the magician, who amazed the people of Samaria with his spectacular magic tricks. After he hung around for awhile with Philip (one of the apostles who had escaped persecution in Jerusalem and was preaching the Good News and healing people in Samaria), Simon himself was ... read more

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LETTER FROM Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee

As many of you know, our Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee is working on the process of identifying candidates for our next Bishop Diocesan. An essential part of that process is listening to as many voices as possible from throughout the Diocese to inform our profile. Read More →

St. Mary’s Laguna Beach Supper Club

We love our supper club! We meet monthly and it's always at a different parish member's house. The picture below is of our group: (from left to right) Cindy Bird, David Stockman, then our co-hosts, Ed Merrilees his girlfriend Linda, Mary... Read More →