Words from Mother Teresa

By Donna Phillips


“Never let anything fill you with so much pain or sorrow so as to make you forget the joy of Christ risen.”

This quote, widely attributed to Mother Teresa, is one of my favorites and I think of it often. I have kept it on whatever smart phone I am using, and I make sure that it is the first thing I put on my phone, when buying a new phone. (That’s 2 Blackberrys and my current Galaxy S4) I like to think of the memo I keep of this quote as my ‘safe’ place. When I am having an especially bad day, I think of this and know that I am strong enough to get through anything that is thrown in my path…no matter what. It reminds me that whatever hard times I am facing, what Christ did for us; dying for our sins, dwarfs anything bad that is happening to me.

It also reminds me of the new beginnings every Easter brings all of us. I think we get a ‘new beginning’ on our journey and should try to be better individuals, but we do need to put forth the effort. (I think we get a ‘new beginning’ at Christmas, too.) Are you trying to make yourself better person to others; more caring; more forgiving? It is something to think about as we celebrate the most joyous time of our church’s calendar.

Among the Chocolate Bunnies and the Peeps you may be enjoying this Easter, I hope you also to a little time to remember and never forget the joy of risen Christ.