Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ?

By Rev. Elizabeth

Rector’s Blog 3.27.2014 – I am excited to be writing my first entry into St. Mary’s blog.  I have never felt the term blog was very appealing.

It sounds too near to the word blob or glob. Not words that I think of when thinking of St. Mary’s or the ancient art of writing or storytelling. The term, of course, is an abbreviation of the word Web Log.  Once I get passed the word I am fine, excited actually.

Our Blog gives us a new way to proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ, our third baptismal vow. Writing in the blog is to write to the world. Our stories, pictures, invitations, music will be placed on the conveyor belt of the Internet to travel far and wide.  It can be noticed by anyone searching the Internet.  The Internet is connecting the people of the world. It is a place where people seek, and explore many things including faith.

When we tell our story on the Blog people who are searching words like:


The Episcopal Church,

Laguna Beach,

meals for the homeless,

Centering Prayer

water wise gardens,

Healing services,

Taize worship,

open and affirming congregation,

Supportive Housing in Laguna Beach,

Bible Study, Leviticus,


Nets for Life.

It may lead them to the door of their heart and the door of our church where they will be welcome to seek and serve Christ with us.

The Blog will replace and be much more than a newsletter. I hope you will consider contributing to the Blog as you would a parish newsletter.  Consider writing down a story of faith, send us a photo, write a piece about why the Episcopal Church is your home, or why serving a meal to the homeless is important to you.  Blogs are the latest way to carry out into the world the imperative given to Mary at the tomb: “Go tell the others, he is not here, he is Risen!’

Faithfully Blogging,
Rev. Elizabeth+