The Los Angeles Diocesan Convention



Interim Rector Bob Honeychurch and Vestry Members Donna Phillips, May Hill and Leslie Derrick recently attended the 120th Annual meeting of the Convention of the Diocese of Los Angeles held at the Ontario Convention Center. The theme was "Horizons & Heritage", focusing on our visions for the future of the Diocese and our lives together as we grow. This vital meeting provides churches across the Diocese to congregate and vote on newly elected officials and key initiatives. We heard from Bishop Bruno on our year together and some of the exciting work ahead as we move into the next chapter with a new Bishop.

The Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Curry spoke regarding our future with abundance in our lives, given as a gift by God. Reverend Curry is passionate and rich with experience and conviction. The keynote speech was delivered by the Reverend Dr. Reenita J.Weems, a biblical scholar and author who touched on the fourth Margaret Parker Lecture series and modern faith. Her keynote was incredibly inspirational and appropriate for the theme of the convention. This was a wonderful experience and I hope you all have the opportunity to attend a convention in the future as a delegate or an observer.