Ted Talks

TED Talks and the Resurrection!

By The Rev. Elizabeth Rechter

St. Mary’s continues its Easter Adult Education Series.

In these classes, we watch TED Talks, which is usually no more than 20 minutes, followed by conversation. Our focus is on global topics of human suffering with the inquiry in the gravesites of human need, can there be resurrection from the dead and can we help?

Thus far, we have discussed three topics, which can be seen clicking on the following links:

Water:   Ray Anderson: The Business Logic of Sustainability

Human Trafficking:   Kevin Bates:  How To Combat Human Slavery

Immigration:  Eddie Aldrete:   Why Icebergs Hold the Solution to our Broken Immigration System

As I prepared for our first class, I came face to face with the Resurrection gospel first hand.  My topic to present was WATER.  I went to TED wanting to find a talk that would highlight in clear relief the problem we are facing as our drought continues in California, and what makes this a global issue as well.  So I searched and searched for a TED Talk that told the story of death and dying in order to galvanize our conversation.  My search for what is broken was completely frustrated. What I did find was life.  What I discovered was that the genre of the TED Talk is one of sharing people’s great, creative ideas and their belief that life is possible here.  I felt convicted by the Easter morning Gospel that began to echo in my heart as I sat at my computer; “Why are you looking for the dead when what wants to be seen is life?” It is our great challenge isn’t it? We expect to see death and dying. And we know that generally we find what our hearts and minds expect to find.  The Easter story  gives  a shock of meaning to our lives.  If you are looking for God, if you are looking for Jesus, he will be on the way that leads to life. Choose life is God’s story told to us over and over. The gospel of Jesus is that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

I hope you will find these TED Talks as hopeful as I did. I hope it will inspire you to choose life on your journey.

Join us this and next Sunday for TED Talks and conversations on World Hunger and Global Poverty, and journey with us on the road that leads to life.


Easter Blessings,

Rev. Elizabeth+