St. Mary’s Supper Club

Home Groups: Captains, please call everyone in your group to set up your calendar and get email addresses so you can plan menus with everyone contributing something. It’s probably best to pick the same weekend (first, second, etc.) for the months people volunteer to host and let them pick Saturday or Sunday.

Group 1:

Cindy and Sam Bird
Leslie Derrick
Tina Tipps
Mary Hill
Ria and David Rhea
Ed Merrilees
Linda Meyer
Karen and David Stockman

Group 2:

Ann Jones
Shauna McFadden
Shanna George
Barbara & Jim Van Gaasbek
Gigi Meeker
Michael Harrod
Larry Spang
Richard Algre
Laura and Bill Stallone

Group 3:

Joslyn Aitken
Christina Calderone
John Lombardo
Jorge Cortes
Eric Amorsi
P.J. and Michael Gerrard
Jane Riedel
Carrie and Bill Joyce
Frances King

Restaurant Group:

Jan Fisher
Judy McKay
Karen Zfaty
Ray Hammeras
Chris Gilbertson
Kathryn Doe
David Johnston
Sandy and Jim Sieg