St. Mary’s Men’s Bible Study

The St. Mary’s Men’s Bible Study is the longest continually meeting bible studies group in St. Mary’s parish. It meets weekly on Thursday morning 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM. It is not limited to men of the parish but includes men from divergent faith journeys and traditions who share a hunger for studying and understanding the bible.

During the course of it long tenure, the men of St. Mary’s have studied the length and breadth of the old and new testaments in the classic King James version and in modern language text. Each time the books of the bible are passed through again, new insights and deeper understandings of God’s word as expressed by ancient scribes and religious scholars are gained. Much of the devotional study is taken up by lively discussions. These discussions have opened new lines of thoughts about the Christian faith, church doctrine and pastoral practices.

The Men’s Bible Study does not confine its studies to the bible. Indeed, in the past year studies and discussions have included: proceedings of the Council of Nicaea and the Creed it produced, pre-Markian oral tradition of the Passion as well as the controversial “Q” gospel.

Historically, the Men’s Bible Study group has also been a social organization responsible for parish events such as “Ragin’Cajun BBQ” and the “No Talent Talent Show”. Currently members also feed the homeless at ASL on Laguna Canyon on the third Thursday each month.