Our Stolen Episcopal Flag

Posting from StuNews

By Donna Phillips

St. Catherine’s parishioner offers to help replace St. Mary’s flag

Ed. Note: This letter was addressed to Rev Elizabeth Rechter

For years I would sit on my deck and wonder about that blue flag with a white cross peeking out of the treetop.  What country is that from?  “Identify that Countries Flag” website was no help.  Where is that flagpole?

Through the years the flag gradually disappeared within the growing tree.

Then one day the tree was trimmed away and I could finally enjoy the flag freely blowing in the wind day and night. And the flagpole is located right behind St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Searching the Internet for “Episcopal flag?” answered my question.

Then in early July the flag disappeared from the pole and I later read on Stu News that the flag had been stolen.

I feel terrible “our” flag was stolen and I personally want to apologize to you for whoever did the deed.  I hope you’re planning on replacing the flag and maybe adding some theft deterrent device.

If there is anything I can do to help you to replace the flag, please let me know.

Don Whitlatch

St. Catherine’s parishioner