Nets for Life

By Leslie Derrick


Nets For Life Final Report 2014

Thank you to everyone at St. Mary’s and beyond who contributed so generously to the 2014 Nets For Life Lenten Program.  This is a small church with a big heart, as it has demonstrated so many times before.  I have the deepest repect and gratitude for your constant willingness to give so much of yourselves, financially and spiritually, to those whom you will never meet, but whose lives you have saved.  My heartfelt thanks to all who donated funds, and all who were so enthusiastic in their response.  Thank you to Gary Mangiofico and Kathleen Dapper for their kind assistance.

Here are the final figures:  $3,636.00 raised, 303 nets purchased, and best of all, 909 lives saved!  Yes, getting on for 1,000 lives saved!  This is quite an accomplishment.  Bless you all for being the kind and compassionate people that you are.

Barbara van Gaasbeek