St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Laguna Beach

Vestry Meeting Minutes May 21, 2017

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Vestry Minutes, May 21, 2017

Present: Mark Clymer, Jorge Cortes, Shanna George, Lester Mackenzie, Jane Riedel,
Ria Rhea, Larry Spang, Dick Swintek (Treasurer), Tina Tipps, Nancy Wallis
Absent: Carol Freeborn, Tom Davis, Jim Van Gaasbeek
Also Attending: Nancy Herbert, Julianna Van Den Berg (ECW President)

The meeting was opened with prayer by Senior Warden Mark Clymer at 12:05 PM.
Vestry Minutes Approval – Mark Clymer
1.0 Jane Riedel motioned to approve April 23, 2017 vestry minutes; seconded
by Tina Tipps. Motion passed unanimously.
Senior Warden – Mark Clymer
1.0 Reported that missing audio equipment was not located. Father Mack and
Mark Clymer will consult with David Rhea on recommendations for
2.0 Provided update on progress of Mutual Ministry Report. Upon approval
it will be included in the weekly Blast, hard copies will be available, and
the congregation will be briefed on it during Sunday services.
3.0 Reviewed calendar for remainder of the year.
3.1 Next Mutual Ministry Review - December 16.
3.2 Parish Work Day - June 10.
3.3 After discussion of past Christmas activities, it was moved by Nancy
Wallis and seconded by Tina Tipps to set December 9/10 as dates for
2017 festivities to be co hosted by the vestry and ECW. Passed
unanimously. A Task Force will be formed for planning and Tina Tipps
will represent the vestry.
Priest in Charge – Father Mackenzie
1.0 Commented on second Mutual Ministry Review scheduled for December 16.
2.0 Announced receiving grant for Google ad for $10,000 per month ($50 per
day). Outlined numerous benefits available to St. Mary’s.
3.0 Provided update on materials being examined for Sunday School program.
4.0 Congratulated Nancy Wallis on her recent confirmation.
5.0 Described current needs for pastoral care.
6.0 Commented on forum on racism at Susi Q and need for further discussions.
7.0 Shared that he and Will Crist will introduce a new Wednesday evening series
beginning June 7. The series will be based on the book “Love Wins” by
Rob Bell.
Junior Wardens – Jane Riedel and Larry Spang
1.0 Jane Riedel reported on current projects (signage updates, replacement of
divider in Guild Hall, bid for replacement of railing and termite repair).
2.0 Larry Spang addressed the needs for a watering schedule, the condition of
the Guild Hall doors, and consultation re replacement of outdoor lighting.
Treasurer’s Report – Dick Swintek
1.0 Provided detailed financial report for first quarter of 2017. Discussion

2.0 Answered questions about electronic transfer of donations.
ECW – Julianna Van Den Berg (President)
1.0 Thanked vestry for welcome.
2.0 Announced dates for future activities.
2.1 “Welcome Table” in front of church beginning in June.
2.2 June 11 – Lunch and Bingo following 10:30 service.
2.3 October 8 – BBQ after St. Francis Blessing of the Animals service.
3.0 Expressed appreciation for $500 donation.
Operational Ministries
1.0 Communications – Jorge Cortes
1.1 ECW approved ad for Bingo.
1.2 Discussed possible ways to record choir for web site.
2.0 Sunday Services – Tina Tipps
2.1 LEM Training/Licensing – online classes to qualify for licensing
are available. Father Mack is responsible for the actual training.
Discussion of implementation.
3.0 Inreach – Carol Freeborn
3.1 Carol was absent but submitted a report on this area.
Old Business
1.0 Father Mack explained the need for an additional person to be on
the signage card for Plaza Bank. He and Dick Swintek will select
New Business
1.0 Discussion of the time frame of vestry meetings.

Meeting was closed with prayer, led by Father Mack, at 2:00 PM.

Next meeting: June 18, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,

Claudia Mellin, Clerk to the Vestry



St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Laguna Beach
Vestry Minutes, April 23, 2017

Present:  Mark Clymer, Jorge Cortes, Tom Davis, Shanna George, Lester Mackenzie,
Jane Riedel, Ria Rhea, Larry Spang, Dick Swintek (Treasurer), Tina Tipps,
Jim Van Gaasbeek, Nancy Wallis
Absent:   Carol Freeborn  Also Attending: Julianna Van Den Berg, ECW President

Senior Warden Mark Clymer opened the meeting with prayer at 12:10 PM.
Vestry Minutes Approval – Mark Clymer
 1.0  Jim Van Gaasbeek made a motion to approve Vestry minutes for March 26,
2017; seconded by Jane Riedel.  Motion passed unanimously.
Senior Warden – Mark Clymer
 1.0  Reported that the insurance review was completed.  A rider was added to
cover fraud.
2.0  Provided update on the efforts to update audio system and provide hard of
hearing devices.  This is a high priority project.
3.0  Confirmed that the Mutual Ministry Review is scheduled for Saturday,
April 29 at 8:30 AM in the Guild Hall.
 4.0  Noted vestry date conflict May 28 due to Memorial Day week end; changed
date to May 21.
   5.0  Changed vestry date June 25 (when Bishop Diane Bruce will visit) to
June 18.
Priest in Charge – Lester Mackenzie
 1.0  Discussed increased need for pastoral care.
2.0  Reported that Colin Henderson will be returning to England.  Discussion
followed exploring ways in which St. Mary’s can honor him.
3.0  Thanked everyone for the leadership and spirit demonstrated during
Lent and on Easter Sunday.
Junior Wardens – Jane Riedel and Larry Spang
 1.0  Requested help spreading mulch Wednesday, April 26 at 1:00 PM.
 2.0  Reported a new drawing for the ramp has been made; will be presented
after engineering issues have been addressed.
Treasurer – Dick Swintek
1.0  Discussed meeting of the Finance Committee.
1.1  Chair: Tom Davis. Members:  Mark Clymer, Lester Mackenzie,
Dick Swintek.
1.2  Stressed importance of planning stewardship throughout the year.
  1.3  Developing plan for the year.  Lester suggested the Vestry act as
Stewardship Committee for the remainder of the year.
1.4  Identified need to plan for potential capital projects – vestry
and Finance Committee working together.
2.0   Financials for the first quarter discussed.  Need to establish goal to
increase revenues by $50,000.


Communications – Jorge Cortes and Shanna George
 1.0  Reported Easter ads placed in local papers.

2.0  Outlined plans for updating banners.
 3.0  Father Mack requested a banner for the Mermaid side of the property.
Sunday Services – Tina Tipps and Nancy Wallis
 1.0  Discussed need for LEM training.
Christian Education/Sunday School
1.0  Tom Davis reported that the group met for the first time.
 2.0  Father Mack is gathering information.  Discussion of activities
children could use in the pews during regular service if needed.
 3.0  Goal is to launch the Sunday School program in the Fall.
Inreach – Carol Freeborn.
 1.0  Due to Carol’s absence, report will be provided at the next meeting.
Outreach – Jane Riedel and Jim Van Gaasbeek
 1.0   Provided report from ASL outlining their needs.  Discussion followed
re how to help.  Considered a collection site.
 2.0  Outlined details of arrangements with the Orange County Food Bank
now that Second Harvest can’t be used.
 3.0  Addressed the problems of financing expenses of the volunteer groups.
Old Business
 1.0  Jim Van Gaasbeek thanked those who helped with the development
and printing of the welcome folders.  Completed cards should be given
to the Office Manager.
New Business
 1.0  Shanna George commented on a misunderstanding between ECW and the
Vestry re the expenses for the spaghetti dinner August 2016. After discussion,
Tom Davis made a motion to provide $500 to ECW; seconded by Jim
Van Gaasbeek and passed unanimously.
2.0  Mark Clymer asked the Vestry if there was any objection to Julianna
Van Den Berg, as ECW Presideent, attending the Vestry meetings and
having ECW included on the agenda.  There were no objections.

Meeting was closed with prayer, led by Father Mack, at 1:47 PM.

Next meeting:  May 21

Respectfully submitted,

Claudia Mellin, Clerk to the Vestry


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Laguna Beach
Vestry Minutes – February 26, 2017

Present:  Mark Clymer, Jorge Cortes, Father Lester Mackenzie, Ria Rhea, Jane Riedel,
Larry Spang, Dick Swintek, Tina Tipps, Jim Van Gaasbeel, Nancy Wallis
Absent:  Tom Davis, Carol Freeborn, Shanna George

Senior Warden Mark Clymer opened the meeting with prayer at 12:02 PM.
Senior Warden’s Report – Mark Clymer
1.0  Approval of November 27, 2016 minutes.  Motion to approved by Jorge, seconded by
Father Mack and approved unanimously.
2.0  Vestry Committee/Ministry Alignments announced.
 2.1  Sunday Services – Tina Tipps and Nancy Wallis
 2.2  Communications – Mark Clymer, Jorge Cortes and Shanna George
2.3  Finance/Stewardship – Mark Clymer, Tom Davis and Dick Swintek
2.4  Christian Education/Sunday School – Tom Davis and Ria Rhea
2.5  Grounds/Campus – Ria Rhea, Jane Riedel, Larry Spang
2.6  Outreach – Tina Tipps and Jim Van Gaasbeek
2.7  Inreach – Carol Freeborn
3.0  Mutual Ministry Review Scheduling.  A meeting with Joanna Satorius (from the
Diocese) and the vestry will be scheduled for a Saturday in March.  This is the customary
six month review when there is a new priest in charge of a parish.
4.0  Parochial Report.  The annual parochial report is being compiled.  This is a statistical
analysis of activities and services at St. Mary’s in 2016.
5.0  Vestry Rotation.  The vestry rotation at the 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM services will
continue.  Mark will make up the schedule.
PICUSC – Father Mack
1.0  Adult Education.  There will be a special Adult Education series during Lent
beginning Sunday, March 5 from 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM in the Guild Hall.
2.0  Shrove Tuesday.  Shrove Tuesday pancake and sausage supper planned from 5:00
PM to 7:00 PM.  Sign up sheet for side dishes, set-up and clean-up in the narthex.
3.0  Description and discussion of services planned for Lent and Easter Sunday.
4.0  Discussion of need to establish calendar of events for the year.
Operational Ministries
1.0  Communications - Jorge reported that he and Shanna will be chairing this ministry in
2017.  Discussion followed concerning ongoing projects, areas needing attention as well
as possible new projects.
2.0  Finance/Stewardship – Mark announced that the committee will be meeting in
March.  The importance of Stewardship was discussed.
3.0  Sunday Services – Tina shared the need for LEM (Lay Eucharistic Ministry) training
for current servers.  Tina andd Nancy will coordinate with Father Mack to plan for this
4.0  Christian Education/Sunday School – Ria said there is nothing to report at this time.
5.0  Outreach – Jim reported that ASL services continue and are well received.  Jane will
be coordinating UTO collections.  Barbara will be announcing  a new international
outreach program in March.
Treasurer’s Report – Dick Swintek
1.0  Dick led a discussion of the budget approved at the annual meeting.  He highlighted
the key elements of assets and obligations and also stressed the importance of increasing
2.0  “Pledge and Plate”, the portion paid annually to the Diocese, was explained.  St.
Mary’s is working towards stabilizing its contribution at 10%.
3.0  Cost of building repairs and maintenance was high in 2016 because of the necessity
for unexpected work.
4.0  Establishment of Rector’s Discretionary Account.  The need to establish a Rector’s
Discretionary Account was discussed.  $800 will be added to the unspent $1700 from
2016.  It is necessary to have a new signature card on file at Plaza Bank designating as
authorized signatories Lester V. Mackenzie, Priest in Charge of St. Mary’s and Richard J.
Swintek, duly elected Treasurer of St. Mary’s.  A motion was made by Jim to establish
the Rector’s Discretionary Fund and approve as signatories Lester V. Mackenzie and
Richard J. Swintek.  Seconded by Jorge and approved unanimously.
5.0  Parsonage Expense Account.  Father Mack explained the need for a parsonage
expense account to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to the repair and maintenance of
the parsonage.  It was moved by Nancy to establish an account in the amount of $500,
seconded by Jim and approved unanimously.
Old Business
1.0  Welcome Folders.  Jim commented on the progress of the materials for the welcome
folders.  He provided vestry members with copies and requested feedback at a later date.
Junior Wardens – Jane Riedel and Larry Spang
1.0  Reported on completed and pending projects (church sign on Park Ave., security of
buildings after services, rose garden, timers. Need for maintenance of the exterior of the
Rose Cottage and garden changes).
2.0 Guild Hall Use Fees.  Larry cited the need for use fees for comparable sites.
Discussion followed re: other venues in the area.
3.0  Pump Organ Donation.  Jill Moulton has offered to donate an antique organ to St.
Mary’s.  After discussion of possible problems of security and maintenance, it was
decided not to accept the offer.  A motion was made by Mark to not accept the donation
of the pump organ, seconded by Jim and approved unanimously.
4.0  Proposed Changes to Railings and Walls.  Copies of a Bid-Proposal to repair/remove
walls and railings on the property were provided to vestry members for future perusal.

Meeting was closed with prayer, led by Father Mack, at 2:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Claudia Mellin
Clerk to the Vestry



St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Laguna Beach
Vestry Minutes – November 27, 2016

Present:  Jorge Cortes, Leslie Derrick, Shanna George, Christopher Gilbertson,
Lester Derrick, Ed Merrilees, Larry Spang, Jim Van Gaasbeek, Nancy Wallis
Absent:  Tom Davis, Carol Freeborn, Jane Riedel

Senior Warden Leslie Derrick opened the meeting with prayer at 12:05 PM.
Senior Warden’s Report – Leslie Derrick
1.0  Approval of October 23, 2016 minutes.  Motion to approve by Christopher
Gilbertson and seconded by Jim Van Gaasbeek; approved unanimously.
2.0  Rose Garden Project.  Twenty four roses have been donated anonymously.
The entire rose garden needs to be reworked (new soil, replacement of irrigation    system and salvaging some of the old roses) as well as the planting of the new roses.               $300 towards the project has been donated. It is estimated that the total cost,
including hiring a gardening firm to do the work, will be $1,000.  After discussion
there was a motion by Christopher Gilbertson to authorize the spending of $1,000;
seconded by Jim Van Gaasbeek; approved unanimously.
 Father Mack’s Report
1.0  Pledge cards.  Cards have been mailed.  Final date for submission of cards is
December 18.  Thank you notes will be written.
2.0  Shared a number of pastoral duties carried out during the month.
3.0  Asked for creative ideas for the title of a newsletter to be introduced in the future.
Calendar of Events for December 2016 and January 2017
1.0  December 18 – 10:30 AM service. Collection and lifting up of pledge cards.
2.0  December 18 -  ECW Soup & Salad following 10:30 AM service.
3.0  December 19 -  7:00 PM.  Blue Christmas service.
4.0  December 24 – 5:00 PM.  Christmas Eve service.
5.0  December 25 – 10:30 AM.  Christmas service (no 8:00 AM service).
6.0  January 1, 2017 – 10:30 service (no 8:00 AM service).
7.0  January 15, 2017 – 10:00 AM.  Annual Meeting (no 8:00 AM service).
8.0  January 20-23, 2017- New Vestry Retreat.
Vestry Selection Committee
Leslie announced that the selection committee members are Leslie Derrick,
Shanna George, Claudia Mellin and LarrySpang.
Committee Reports
1.0  Leslie reported that she and Carol Freeborn are continuing to work on
establishing procedures for various ministries.
2.0  Jim announced that he is continuing work on the Newcomers’ folder.
Junior Warden’s Report – Larry Spang
1.0  Larry reported on various projects being considered and those underway
including the ramp project, lighting and irrigation systems.
2.0  Proposed investigating inviting the ICON Traveling Show to come to
St. Mary’s.


New Business
1.0  Discussed customary Christmas bonuses.
2.0  Jim Van Gaasbeek reported that there will be a request for funds to repair the organ       and recondition the piano.
3.0  There will be no Vestry meeting in December.

Meeting was closed with prayer at 1:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Claudia Mellin, Clerk to the Vestry