Almighty God, graciously comfort all of your servants, give power of healing to those who minister to their needs and bless the means made for their cure. Fill all of their hearts with confidence, though at times they may be afraid, that they may put their trust in your loving care: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

-Book of Common Prayer

In God's name we pray...

For the grieving and the departed: David McDonald and the McDonald family, Allan Hakola,  Michael Hogarth, the Hogarth family.

For healing: Ray Hammeras, Brady Hogarth, Lisa Rollins, Fred Schults,  Lorna King Gibbs, Happy Zander, Karen Zfaty

For all others in need:  Lloyd Gautreaux

Please Note: Prayers will remain on the list for a period of four week.  To place a name on the prayer list please ask for permission before submitting the name. You may make your request by depositing a form (available in the narthex) in the offertory plate, calling the parish office, or emailing us at