The Forward Day by Day Meditation for April 29, 2017

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SATURDAY, April 29

1 John 3:17 How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help?

Our deepest human need—the thing we most require—is God’s abiding love and presence. Over several weeks, I came to know a regular participant at the Network Café—his nickname was Ed. Network Café is a community center of sorts—a hub—where homeless men and women come to rest their feet, be served a cup of coffee, find a book to read, play a game of chess or checkers, or share conversation.

Perhaps the greatest gift in the exchange with Ed was the act of listening—and not just my listening to his story and journey but also the thoughtful questions he asked and the space for answers to unfurl during a rousing round of checkers. I realized how seldom I both ask deep questions and receive the gifts offered by attentive, gracious, and caring listeners.

Conversations with Ed remind me that God’s love abides in and through the presence of the members of the Body of Christ, in the simple acts of showing up to love the people in our lives and being loved in return. Deep listening is one of the ways we share God’s goodness and love.

MOVING FORWARD: Take time to listen today, to God and to a family member or friend.

PRAY for the Diocese of Namirembe (Uganda)

Today the Church remembers Catherine of Siena, 1380.

Ps 20, 21:1-7(8-14) * 110:1-5(6-7), 116, 117 Daniel 3:19-30 | 1 John 3:11-18 | Luke 4:1-13