Haiti Relief Effort a Success!

Thank you so much for your generosity to the people of Haiti. We raised a total of $1,700.00 for Giving Children Hope! If you remember, for every $1 raised, $22 of aid is provided to Haitians, so this means you have actually given $37,400.00 worth of relief aid to Haiti! THANK YOU! And thanks also to everyone who contributed to ERD’s relief efforts for Haiti.

We have also delivered 88 toothbrushes, 194 tubes of toothpaste, 83 bars of soap, 3 hand sanitizers, 8 bottles of shampoo, and 8 bottles of mouthwash to Giving Children Hope. They will be sent out on the next container going to Haiti.

Thank you very much to Father Mack for his support of this project, to Gary Mangiofico for faithfully keeping the 8 o’clock congregation informed, to Dick Swintek, Mary Hill and Claudia Mellin for their ongoing assistance with the accounting, and to Claudia for spreading the news to the local community.

Thank you, most of all, St Mary’s, for your compassion and kindness to those in such need. Bless you.

Barbara van Gaasbeek