Good Friday Offering

Message from Kathleen Dapper, SMLB Treasurer

By Kathleen Dapper

Your Good Friday offering is one way to touch the lives of Christians throughout the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East.  Annually, a conference is held in Beirut, Lebanon to focus on the serious challenges facing indigenous Christians throughout that region.

One focus of the conference is on the pain of loss expressed with passion and grief by so many on account of political and social pressures that continue in Syria, Israel/Palestine and Egypt.  The Most Reverand Schori states that while there is great sorrow expressed by loss, there is also great hope and expectation that peace and prosperity are possible.

St. Mary’s can help with this great need with our Good Friday offerings.  The money collected at the Good Friday services is sent to the Christian Church in Jerusalem, upholding Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  May they prosper who love you.”

To quote the Most Reverend Schori, “Your support of the Good Friday offering helps transform what is loss today into tomorrow’s possibility.”