“God’s Song”

The Easter Sermon, a professor once said, should be sung.

There are three basic verses to the Resurrection song:

1. Recognition – the heart is open to knowing Jesus is not dead but alive. He has not perished but is present. And this Risen One, this Light of the World, the power of the universe, knows my name.

2. Go! Leave the tomb and don’t be tempted to cling to old versions of God and life.

3. Tell the others.

I felt Resurrection last Saturday. I felt it in my body. I was at a MenAlive! concert. These concerts for me are always a marvel of amazing musical energy due in part to the brilliant leadership of their artistic director, our own Bob Gunn, and the hearts of those singing. To be in the presence of so many souls singing so openly and joyfully is enough to blast you out of your seat, men who not long ago could not have risked performing in public together.

They sang a resurrection song.

“We cannot be killed.

We are marvelously made.

We are Alive.”

But there is more.

They tell the others. They want those who may be living in darkness to come out into the light.  They sing to them, do not be afraid, you are not alone, you are gift.

For me it is almost too beautiful to bear.

Jesus does not come to appease God. Jesus comes to teach us how to live a life that makes us worthy of the God who made us. Jesus comes to show us what we ourselves can be, must be. Jesus comes so that we can come to be everything we were created to be, whenever our lives, wherever our efforts, whatever our circumstance: shining glory of human degradation.” –Chittister

May you hear God’s song in your heart this Easter.

Rev. Elizabeth+