Feeding the Homeless with Saint Mary’s in Laguna Beach

By Leslie Derrick

Help St. Mary’s to:

Feed the Laguna Beach Homeless

Lots of options for your participation

– Serve meals

   – Prepare meals

 – Donate funds

– One-time or on-going volunteers welcome!

For more info or to sign up:

 (949) 494-3542

In the year the temporary shelter has been open in Laguna Canyon, volunteers have taken the modular building provided by the city and worked to turn it into more than a roof and four walls. Churches and community groups provide meals, case workers periodically come in to connect people with services, and Laguna Relief and Resource Center’s executive director Donna Valenti is constantly working to update her job board. Since she began at the shelter two months ago, she’s found work for about 20 people, from temporary construction jobs to retail to positions in downtown restaurants. Even within the shelter, she’s put people to work, washing dishes and cleaning up litter along the road in exchange for bus passes.

“Everything that’s done here is done by them”