Message from Reverend Elizabeth

LETTER FROM Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee

As many of you know, our Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee is working on the process of identifying candidates for our next Bishop Diocesan. An essential part of that process is listening to as many voices as possible from throughout the Diocese to inform our profile. Read more →

Courage To Change The Things We Can

I have continued to follow the tragic story of Bishop Heather Cook of Maryland who now awaits her trial for vehicular manslaughter for the death of cyclist Thomas Palermo on December 27. The Diocese of Maryland’s website reflects their attempt to seek meaning and healing from these devastating events by posting many links to guide people toward understanding and support. I found this posting by Bishop James Mathes of San Diego helpful and wanted to share it. I carry in my heart my belief that hope is the ability to believe that good can happen out of anything. Read more →

My New Favorite Word

Thlípsis is my latest favorite word (For other favorite words search: viriditas). It is a spiritual word. It is the Greek word for constriction or chaffing against. In the New Testament it is translated tribulation. It can be used to describe the internal pressure in our lives that causes us to feel confined, restricted, without options. It is what happens when we are pushed toward one of our edges, voluntarily or involuntarily. Read more →

Prayers for the Nation

I am looking forward to this Sunday when St. Mary’s will offer prayers and give thanks for the country we live in. As part of the liturgy we will hear a ‘Contemporary Epistle’, which is a reading that can be considered a sacred text but not part of the canon of the Bible. Using a contemporary epistle in liturgy is a statement of faith that God continues to speak to us through the words and works of our own day. This Sunday we will hear as the Second Lesson Emma Lazarus’s poem ‘The New Colossus” which is the poem that is mounted on the Statue of Liberty. Read more →

St. Mary’s Food Labyrinth!

The labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world. St. Mary’s has it’s own labyrinth. We are calling it, for now, our Food Labyrinth. Come visit it in our upper garden area. Bring cans of food to help us finish outlining the labyrinth. Guidelines for Walking the Labyrinth Quiet your mind and become aware of your breath. Allow yourself to find the pace your body wants to go. The labyrinth has only one path so there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. Read more →

Rector’s Pastoral Letter

Jesus said to his disciples, do not let your hearts be troubled, believe in God, and believe also in me. John 14 Last Sunday, May 11, I read a pastoral letter from Bishop Jon Bruno. Following in this tradition I would like to give a pastoral letter as well, so this is the rector’s pastoral letter. First, I want to thank the Gardening Committee for their work this past year. Read more →

Bishop Jon Bruno

To the People and Congregations of the Diocese of Los Angeles This new Easter season unites us in responding to the ways in which God is calling us into new, resurrected life in Christ. We enter this Eastertide as a united diocesan community, joined together in daily ministry and shared service in our neighborhoods. This unity has been strengthened through the years by coming together around challenging issues and seeking common ground for understanding as we are led by the Holy Spirit. Read more →

Ted Talks

St. Mary’s continues its Easter Adult Education Series. In these classes, we watch TED Talks, which is usually no more than 20 minutes, followed by conversation. Our focus is on global topics of human suffering with the inquiry in the gravesites of human need, can there be resurrection from the dead and can we help? Read more →


As a preacher, I live in the world of words. I am always gathering up words to share. Sometimes they are words to teach, sometimes to encourage and sometimes to challenge. I love words. I love their companionship. Words put flesh on things. I love that God is known as the Word and that Jesus is that Word made flesh so we can hear and know God in the daily. Often when I am weary and feel disconnected from the world or from God, I know that opening the Script and reading just a verse or two is the quickest road home. Read more →

Palm Sunday

Bob Gunn and I had a conversation this week about the Palm Sunday procession from the upper gardens into the church. I was asking him to help me find a good song to sing for this procession. What kind of song is it? We are beginning a procession into Holy Week that our story tells us began with great celebration. Journeying to Jerusalem for Passover was already an ancient tradition by Jesus’ time. Read more →

Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ?

Rector’s Blog 3.27.2014 - I am excited to be writing my first entry into St. Mary’s blog. I have never felt the term blog was very appealing. It sounds too near to the word blob or glob. Not words that I think of when thinking of St. Mary’s or the ancient art of writing or storytelling. The term, of course, is an abbreviation of the word Web Log. Once I get passed the word I am fine, excited actually. Read more →