Supportive Housing, Laguna Beach

By Leslie Derrick Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church is in support of the Supportive Housing initiative in Laguna Beach, California. Supportive Housing is a widely-accepted national best-practice in homeless services that greatly reduces the harm homeless people experience through their lives on the street, and significantly reduces the cost of homelessness ...
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2 “Big Fat Greek Weddings” Five Years Apart

By Donna Phillips My story begins framed by 2 “Big Fat Greek Weddings” five years apart.  Yes this is my ancestry and yes, the movie was true to life. I had traveled with my family to Cape Cod for the wedding my cousin’s daughter in September of 2007.  We are ...
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Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ?

By Rev. Elizabeth Rector’s Blog 3.27.2014 - I am excited to be writing my first entry into St. Mary’s blog.  I have never felt the term blog was very appealing. It sounds too near to the word blob or glob. Not words that I think of when thinking of St ...
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Feeding the Homeless with Saint Mary’s in Laguna Beach

By Leslie Derrick Help St. Mary's to: Feed the Laguna Beach Homeless Lots of options for your participation - Serve meals    - Prepare meals  - Donate funds - One-time or on-going volunteers welcome! For more info or to sign up:  (949) 494-3542 In the year the temporary shelter has been ...
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