St. Mary’s golf team brings home the Canterbury Cup Trophy

(From Left to right – Robbie Stuart, Christina Cole, Kathy Kellogg, Cheryl Knight) St. Mary’s golf team brings home the Canterbury Cup Trophy. The Canterbury Cup golf tournament supports UCI Episcopal ministries. Blessings and Peace, Leslie

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Nets for Life

Nets For Life Final Report 2014

Thank you to everyone at St. Mary’s and beyond who contributed so generously to the 2014 Nets For Life Lenten Program. This is a small church with a big heart, as it has demonstrated so many times before. I have the deepest repect and gratitude for your constant willingness to give so much of yourselves, financially and spiritually, to those whom you will never meet, but whose lives you have saved. My heartfelt thanks to all who donated funds, and all who were so enthusiastic in their response. Thank you to Gary Mangiofico and Kathleen Dapper for their kind assistance.

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Saint Mary’s Vestry Retreat

Saint Mary’s Laguna Beach hosted the annual vestry retreat at the beautiful Mount Calvary Monastery in Santa Barbara California.

This is a beautiful location, with walking paths and gardens for prayer and meditation. The rooms are clean, quiet and quaint. The meals were wonderful and severed in a lovely dining hall. Mount Calvary Monastery is a treasure in the hills of Santa Barbara. Our vestry was well cared for and we came away from the retreat feeling renewed in spirit and strong in our walk with the Lord. We were blessed to experience the weekend at Mount Calvary Monastery and we are looking forward to next retreat at Mount Calvary Monastery.

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Supportive Housing, Laguna Beach

Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church is in support of the Supportive Housing initiative in Laguna Beach, California.

Supportive Housing is a widely-accepted national best-practice in homeless services that greatly reduces the harm homeless people experience through their lives on the street, and significantly reduces the cost of homelessness for our community.

We believe that Permanent Supportive Housing is a logical extension of our current work and a way to expand our services to meet our community’s growing need.

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Feeding the Homeless with Saint Mary’s in Laguna Beach

In the year the temporary shelter has been open in Laguna Canyon, volunteers have taken the modular building provided by the city and worked to turn it into more than a roof and four walls. Churches and community groups provide meals, case workers periodically come in to connect people with services, and Laguna Relief and Resource Center’s executive director Donna Valenti is constantly working to update her job board. Since she began at the shelter two months ago, she’s found work for about 20 people, from temporary construction jobs to retail to positions in downtown restaurants.

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Seeds of Hope – Saint Mary’s Laguna Beach

Saint Mary’s is excited to participate in this incredible opportunity to help feed those in need through the Seeds of Hope program established by the Los Angeles Episcopal Diocese.

The Saint Mary’s Gardening Guild and Pastor Elizabeth Rector are working with experienced individuals to assist in land cultivation in support of Seeds of Hope. The parish and vestry are eager to see the program thrive in Laguna Beach. If you are interested in supporting Seeds of Hope through Saint Mary’s please contact the Saint Mary’s office at or for more information please follow the link for participating churches.

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Balancing Spiritual Life and Professional Life

I’m involved in multiple church ministries and would volunteer for more if I wasn’t a working professional. The ministries I support I love and in turn they feed my soul. There are times when I can’t attend a function or service when I really want to and there are other times where I should attend something but I am too exhausted because of a hectic professional schedule.

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