2016 Holy Week and Easter Schedule


March 20th Palm Sunday – Services at 8:00am and 10:30am
The Liturgies of Palm Sunday unfold as a great drama in which each of us has a role. We begin our services on the patio, blessing the palm branches of the day, and then processing along with Jesus as he entered the holy city of Jerusalem. Once inside church, we engage in that great dramatic reading of the passion story, moving from the joyful entry into the city…through the last supper…his arrest, trial, and execution…and finally to the tomb where Jesus is buried. A simple celebration of the Holy Eucharist concludes our services, as we are left to ponder the implications of the story we just encountered.

March 24th Maundy Thursday – Services at 07:00pm
It all began with simple meal, as Jesus gathered with his disciples in an upper room on the night of his arrest. That meal has come to us through the ages as the central act of Christians gathered in Jesus name. On this Maundy Thursday, this night in which Jesus instituted the Last Supper, we gather as well share in a simple ceremonial meal, to break bread and share wine, as Jesus commanded us to do. And then, just as Jesus led his disciples into a garden to pray-that garden in which he was arrested, and from which he was led away-we will move into the garden to wait and watch and pray.

March 25th Good Friday – Stations of the Cross and 12noon
The Via Dolorosa, The Way of Suffering, The Way of the Cross…by any name, we are invited to share the journey with Jesus as he traveled the road from his betrayal, to the scene of his crucifixion, and ultimately to the tomb in which he was buried. Our traveling with Jesus during this service will have us moving all around the St. Mary’s campus, stopping fourteen different times to reflect on a part of that story.

March 25th Good Friday – Tenebrae, A service of Shadows at 7:00pm
Our Service of worship is taken from an early Christian service called Tenebrae. Tenebrae is a Latin word for “darkness” or “shadows.” In this service we establish our connection with the betrayal, abandonment, and agony of the events of Good Friday, as we focus on the traditional “seven last words” of Jesus from the cross. Increasing darkness is used to dramatize the depth of our grief as we reflect upon our Lord’s passion and death. As the evening grows ever darker, we can reflect on the great emotional and physical pain that was very real for Jesus that evening.

March 27th Easter Sunday – Easter Vigil at 5:30am
As we did on Palm Sunday, our Waster Vigil services begin out on the patio. Here we light the paschal fire and then move into the darkened church to hear the great stories of salvation history. Those stories conclude with the account of a group of women discovering an empty tomb early on a Sunday morning. That awareness of Jesus resurrection moves us into the joyful celebration of our Easter liturgy. Christ is indeed risen, and life begins anew.

March 27th Easter Sunday – Celebration of the Resurrection at 10:30am
All the music. All the pageantry. All of the joy. During our Easter Sunday festival nothing is held back as we welcome Jesus resurrection in full voice. Come be part of all the festivities as we celebrate the reality in our lives and in our world that “Jesus Christ is Risen Today. Alleluia!”